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Parosha Group, Now 100% Owner Of The Brand Name And The Logo Of Steelbag!

Parosha Safetybag, part of the Parosha Group, has now been several years known as the producer of the Steelbag.

Recently the Parosha Group became the owner of the brand name and the logo of the Steelbag.

Through this acquisition the Steelbag has now become 100% ownership of the Parosha Group.

Four years ago the Parosha Group acquired the product Steelbag and put the Steelbag successfully back on the European market again! In addition to an increasing demand for the Steelbag from the Netherlands, the demand for Steelbag has also increased from abroad.

In the past four years, a completely new and reliable dealer and supplier network in Europe has been established and now in a number of European countries there are representatives of the Steelbag.

In addition, in the past four years the Steelbag the range is expanded with new Steelbag models like the; Steelbag Business XL Plus and Steelbag Traveller Plus.

Among the regular customers of the Steelbag there includes; various European ministries, police units, (professional) photographers and defense units.

The Steelbag is used for transporting valuables, expensive equipment, photographic equipment and firearms. The Steelbag is available in various models.

The acquisition of the brand name and the logo of the Steelbag was therefore a logical step for the Parosha Group in imitation of this success.

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