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Parosha Group, Now 100% Owner Of The Brand Name And The Logo Of Steelbag!

Parosha Safetybag, part of the Parosha Group, has now been several years known as the producer of the Steelbag. Recently the Parosha Group became the owner of the brand name and the logo of the Steelbag. Through this acquisition the Steelbag has now become 100% ownership of the Parosha Group. Four years ago the Parosha Group acquired the product Steelbag …

The Parosha Group In The Leeuwarder Courant

In the Leeuwarder Courant of May 15th an article is published about the Parosha Group. The article is about seven large orders that have been taken by the Parosha Group for the provision of Moonpool and ROV ship doors in the offshore world. The full article can be downloaded here (Dutch article). Share it: