Steelbag, offers protection to your valuables!

The Steelbag is a very strong, lightweight and robust safety case and suitable for business & professional use. Available in different models for various purposes.

steelbag models
suitcase with the cable

Steelbag models

Discover our robust Steelbag suitcases, equipped with strong steel cables for extra safety. These suitcases are not only strong and robust, but also surprisingly lightweight. Ideal for safe and convenient transport.

Steelbag Compact

Steelbag Compact

The Steelbag Compact is ideal for secure storage of small devices and documents, perfect for cars, campers or boats where safety is key.

Steelbag Business

Steelbag Business

The Steelbag Business is a compact suitcase designed to optimally protect your valuable items such as laptops, tablets, USB sticks and cameras.

Steelbag Traveller

Steelbag Traveller

The Steelbag Traveler complies with aviation standards and is allowed as hand luggage on most airlines.


Steelbag accessories

The Steelbag can be easily anchored using the steel cable or quicklock cable. This turns the Steelbag into a mobile safe. This prevents the suitcase from being taken in its entirety.

Steelbag Staalkabel 02

Steel Cable

The Steelbag steel cable is designed to optimally protect your valuables against theft. It provides a robust and reliable solution to ensure the safety of your assets.

quicklock kabel steelbag

Quicklock Cable

The Quicklock cable offers an advanced security solution for your Steelbag suitcase. With a total length of 1250 mm, this cable can securely secure the case without having to open it.

auto montagebeugel steelbag

Car Adapter

The Steelbag car adapter offers a superior security solution on the road. Easy to install in the trunk with included anti-theft screws.

Steelbag Car Mounting Set

Car Mounting Set

A complete set for your Steelbag, consisting of a steel cable 10 mm, car adapter and anti-slip mat.

About us

Professional security that is Steelbag

Steelbag biedt optimale bescherming voor uw waardevolle spullen. Of het nu gaat om elektronica, meetapparatuur of andere kostbaarheden, met Steelbag zijn ze veilig. Ideaal voor zowel zakelijk als persoonlijk gebruik, en verkrijgbaar in diverse uitvoeringen passend bij uw behoeften.

Steelbag Business

Discover the many advantages of a Steelbag

Aluminum Suitcase

The Steelbag aluminum lightweight suitcase provides strong protection for your belongings, ideal if you value safety and mobility.

Security Locks

Locks in a Steelbag offer superior security, are easy to use and durable. They effectively protect your belongings against unauthorized access.


The Steelbag suitcases are always provided with 2 keys and can be expanded with additional keys if necessary.

Solid Construction

High quality, that is what a Steelbag stands for. The suitcases are made of high-quality materials and are subject to the strictest requirements.

Steel Cable

With the Steelbag steel cables you are completely safe. Our cables are available in various variants and can be ordered separately.

Quicklock Anchoring

The Quicklock cable allows you to secure the Steelbag without opening the case.


Our Steelbag suitcases are trusted by various prominent sectors such as the police, justice, airlines, legal profession and ministries. These references underline the robustness, reliability and extra safety that our products offer.


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